Partnership Opportunities

 Introduction to NSIA Partnership Opportunities

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The support of NSIA over the last two decades has grown sportfishing opportunity, which has grown the industry and with that, your business.  With each success, the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association also grows in name recognition.  A name you and your business can be proud to form a profitable association!  In addition to memberships, NSIA offers product endorsements, advertising and events to provide a tailor-made connection between you, NSIA and important customers!  Together, we succeed in growing sportfishing prosperity!

Memberships—Members are the backbone and reason for being at NSIA.  We have enclosed a membership application, and trust that you will join us at the NSIA table.  Together we are making a difference.

Advertising— Reach thousands of anglers and industry personnel through direct advertising within our e-newsletter. In addition, several magazines and newspapers have teamed up with NSIA to provide incremental ad space for NSIA events and programs. Sponsors of our fundraising events and participants in our affinity marketing program can benefit from this program by receiving logo representation within these ads and our event webpages.

Product Endorsement—NSIA has a special hang tag for NSIA Board-Endorsed products. The product manufacturer contributes a small portion of the proceeds on the sale of each product.  The consistent branding of these products gives the consumer confidence that their purchase is smart and has affinity for the resource.  Your dollars work twice as hard.  An application for endorsement is enclosed with a detailed explanation.

Events—NSIA benefits from multiple events throughout the year.  With advertising, signage, or promotion of your business directly to the right customers we have an event just for you!  You can sponsor, donate and participate, just be sure to be a part of the action! Please contact us for more information on sponsorship and in kind donations.

Set your budgets and your calendars to invest in the future of sportfishing.  Let us know where your business can best be accommodated, and we’ll get to work to make each year a year we can look forward to.