An unprecedented 3-Governor letter has been signed in support of HR 2083.

After months of collaboration between NSIA, The Fish and Wildlife Departments in OR, WA and ID, The Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission and The Wild Salmon Center, this galvanizing gesture reflects critical cohesion between the 3 states.  The success of the Marine Mammal Protection Act is jeopardizing the future of our salmon and steelhead stock, as well as Puget Sound Orcas. If immediate action cannot be taken, the extinction of wild Willamette River Steelhead is right around the corner.  We hope our work with the Governors and the NW Delegation–in the House and Senate–will lead to Amendments to the MMPA that give managers the tools to prevent extinction. 

ID-OR-WA Govs ltr re Sea Lions and HR 2083