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Savage Rapids dam removal leads to ecosystem’s speedy recovery Posted Oct 09, 2014 By NSIA

NSIA is delighted to hear this! What so many of us expected, finally being confirmed. Special thanks to all our members who worked on this, especially Dave Strahan, Jim Martin and Maddy Sheehan. Link to…

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NSIA heroes push to increase sportfishing in the Northwest Posted Aug 01, 2014 By NSIA

The Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association is so proud to have industry leaders stand up for sportfishing! Check out this article from the Northwest Sportsman for great quotes from some of our members.   State Lawmaker Grills Wild…

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Salmon BBQ with Governor Kitzhaber Posted Jul 29, 2014 By NSIA

The Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association and friends enjoyed an evening with Governor Kitzhaber celebrating their love of fish and fishing. Attendees were able to feast on nine slabs of freshly caught salmon presented with five…

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Conservation funding boosts economy in Sandy Basin, and throughout Oregon Posted Jul 14, 2014 By NSIA

Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association urges reauthorization and full funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund   July 10, 2014 Contact: Liz Hamilton 503.631.8859   Tuesday, July 8th, in the Sandy River Basin halfway up Mount…

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