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Take Action to Save the Columbia River Reforms Posted Jan 12, 2017 By NSIA

 The Columbia River Reforms, we fought for them, we have given up smolts to benefit the commercial fleet, and we have paid for them out of our own pockets. Sadly, special interests aim to benefit commercial…

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Sportfishing Industry Leaders Raise $50,000 for Better Fishing in 2017 Posted Dec 05, 2016 By NSIA

With big changes on the horizon for fisheries in the region sportfishing industry leaders and supporters came together over the weekend to raise important funds that will go towards the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association’s work…

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Washington’s Sportfishing Leaders Raise Funds for More Fish and Better Fishing Posted Nov 15, 2016 By NSIA

Washington Sportfishing Industry Members and Advocates Raise Nearly $50,000 in Support of More Fish and Better Fishing The Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association is celebrating a very successful banquet and fundraiser in Washington over the weekend….

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