White Papers

Killer Whale Comments

The Northwest Sport Fishing Industry Association (NSIA) appreciates the opportunity to comment on the draft of the final report for “The Effects of Salmon Fisheries on Southern Resident Killer Whales .” We commend NOAA Fisheries and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) for engaging a broad spectrum of scientific reviewers in the three workshops and an independent science team to conduct this review and assess the scientific validity of the your three pronged subject hypothesis stated as follows: Read More

Managing Sturgeon for a Future-Forward With the Rear View Mirror,
Or forward With a Vision?
January 2007

By an amazing piece of good fortune, the Columbia River is still the lifeblood that sustains sturgeon fisheries to McNary Dam, to Willamette Falls, and in estuaries along the Oregon and Washington coastline. While hydroelectric dams have destroyed much of sturgeon’s original spawning and quality rearing habitat, the area below Bonneville Dam continues to sustain the healthiest population of white sturgeon remaining anywhere. The Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association (NSIA) would like to request that the States of Oregon and Washington invest the time to review the health of sturgeon, the history of sturgeon fishing and the future of both. We are writing to seek a year long review, outline our rational and philosophy, and share a short catalog of near term and mid term concepts and management tools that can bridge to a new approach to sturgeon management and harvest.

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