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Dear Sport Fishing Advocates,

The protection and restoration of fishery resources and the protection of the rights of sports anglers requires strong leadership from our elected officials.  The future of healthy sport fisheries in the northwest depends entirely on having advocates in state wide and local office who share our vision of the environmental, cultural and economic benefits that sport fishing represents.

We can work on this future by helping our advocates win elections and stay in office to serve the interests of the salmon and steelhead resources that define Washington and Oregon.  To that end, we have formed the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Political Action Committee (PAC).  The Northwest Sportfishing Industry Political Action Committee can and does give money to candidates who will be leaders in protecting and growing our fishery resources, and the sport fishing and tourism industries dependent upon healthy watersheds.

The NSIA PAC is bi-partisan and supports candidates in both states in their election efforts.

The barriers to better sport fishing are political, and we must be involved in the political arena.  The Northwest Sportfishing Industry Political Action Committee gives to quality candidates in both Washington and Oregon, and you can designate one state or both states for your contribution.  Frankly, it would be tough to say one state has less need for our involvement in the political process than another, so please consider giving regardless of which state.  Washington and Oregon supporters of healthy sport fishing all need to join and support this effort.

Mail your check or donate on line right away:

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