Help Sportfishing Win in Court

With your contribution, we can continue to fight for the rights of sport fishing in the Pacific Northwest!

In the past 12 months our work has led to some amazing results that will continue to make sure there are plenty of fish for anglers looking to take the to the water. These issues impact every member of the NSIA, whether you are a major corporate sponsor, or an individual member.

Levels of Support

Here are just a few of the legal issues we fighting for you now:

Keeping Hatcheries Open: The Wild Fish Conservancy is suing to shut down vital hatcheries here in the Northwest, endangering millions of salmon and steelhead smolt releases. Most of our harvestable fish come from these hatcheries, and their closure would be a disaster for the sportfishing industry. We can fight to keep the hatcheries operational, but we need resources. By donating you help with our legal fees and a big increase in staff time. We have won hatchery lawsuits before and we can win again, but we need your help.

Gillnet Restrictions: In Oregon and Washington, the NSIA was involved in new rules that changed the allocation of Columbia River fish for commercial gillnetters and put in motion a phasing out period of gillnet use on the main channel, shifting the commercial fishing to off-channel hatchery sites. These decisions have led two lawsuits which are taking resources from the NSIA and we need your help to continue this effort.

Lethal Take of Sea Lions: One of the most frustrating things you can face when you have a salmon or steelhead on the line, is a sea lion taking your catch. We have been directly involved in a successful lawsuit against the U.S. Humane Society to support the ODFW plan to use force against these problem predators. This is both an ESA issue and a human safety issue for sport anglers.

Levels of Support

All four of these issues take resources and while the NSIA has a great volunteer legal team, there are still expenses with tracking and being involved in these important cases that will keep us on the rivers. We need your support to continue to be involved in issues like these, which help us keep fisherman on our rivers, streams and lakes.

By making a donation to this capital campaign, you’ll be directly contributing to the most successful outcome from these lawsuits. Additionally, you’ll be recognized for your generosity as a capital campaign supporter on the NSIA website and in the upcoming newsletter.

NSIA depends on supporters like you, who care about our industry and want to foster, promote and grow sportfishing in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

In order to continue making a difference in the future of sportfishing in our region, it is vital to initiate a capital campaign for success. So please, consider making a contribution today to keep these vital efforts moving forward.

If you have any questions about these issues, or how your donation would be put to good use, contact me at 503-631-8859 or


Liz Hamilton, Executive Director, NSIA