New Simpler WDFW Salmon Trip Report Mailer Posted October 27, 2017 by NSIA


Gabe Miller of Sportco/Farwest Sports & NSIA both want to encourage all anglers salmon fishing in the Puget Sound, to fill out and return WDFW’s Salmon Trip Report form below.

Per Gabe: “As many of you know collecting enough of the right data can be challenging for WDFW particular when it comes to salmon in Puget Sound. Many times there just isn’t enough data because of low participation rates and lack of VTR forms being returned especially during the winter months. ESA plays a big role and having these forms completed will help ensure modeling is accurate especially when it comes to sub legal and wild impacts. WDFW has updated and simplified the VTR form which is essentially a trip report for anglers to fill out that helps them get an idea of species, size and number of fish encountered. It is important to get these forms filled out for them so they have as accurate of picture as possible on what is going on in our fisheries. The models only work when they have adequate data – they do not work as well when we don’t have enough information to put into them. We in the sportfishing industry want the state to have the best possible information at their disposal to make the most effective use of the tools they have in managing our fisheries.”

WDFW Salmon Trip Report Mailer